L322 Overlanding Build and Adventures


The first thing I would do is remove all the crap from the top. Some cool rigs here, but I am done having much if anything on the roof... including me.


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Beautiful Rover! How do you like the Copper Zeon LZT? I am considering these and the Wrangler Duratrac for my 2011 l322 HSE.


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Beautiful Rover! How do you like the Copper Zeon LZT? I am considering these and the Wrangler Duratrac for my 2011 l322 HSE.
I like Copper Zeons a lot and would definitely consider them again.

They are almost silent with some slight noise on concrete highways, but nothing noticeable elsewhere.

They provide excellent grip on and off road. I rarely get stuck due to a lack of grip. (Ground clearance yes, grip no.)

I haven’t had them long enough to check how they wear in normal operation. I did prematurely wear the the rear tires when I busted a near new upper rear rose / heim joint on a trail and had to drive 250+ miles home with the two rear wheels pointing inwards. I once had a thin nail puncture a tire which I repaired with a plug.

I think they look really good. When my car is sitting next to another L322 on standard 255 wide tires, I believe there is a major cosmetic improvement.

As for sizing, I run 285/50R20 on standard rims. I get a bit of rubbing where the fuel filler bulge is on the right hand rear. I believe can be alleviated by heating the inner guard and pushing in the bulge. It’s only a problem when you drive off at normal access height with people in the back. Since I have reprogrammed the EAS to be 35mm higher than stock, I no longer get issues. The left rear rubs on the metal outer arch if the EAS has a fault and drops to the bump stops. Again, not normal operation. Lastly, the front left rubs on the front side of the inner liner when trying hard right, just enough to clean the dust off.

Tire Pressure
I run 44/48 psi front/rear on the road when cold which rises to about 50 psi at the rear after some time on the highway. When airing down, I run 33/36 psi. This gives a noticeable improvement in ride comfort when wheeling. I did once run down as low as 25 but ended up scratching the outer rims.

Going Bigger
These tires are ~31.5” diameter and I get slight rubbing on the inside side, outside side and outer diameter. I cannot understand how people run 33” on these vehicles without a significant issue. If anyone has experience here, please let me know.

Note that I have no experience with any other off-road biased tire as a point of reference.


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Thank you for the detailed review. I am considering these two tires (cooper Zeon and Goodyear Duratrac) because they are a direct fit for my 255/55R19 and have great reviews. I am leaning towards the Duratracs because I like the more aggressive look of those tires and they also have great reviews. Also thinking about some black rims as well.


I had Duratracs on my 19s and then got 18s (steel from AB) and also had them installed. Same tire on two different rims. Really like them for on and off road. The 19s are stacked in the shop.