L320 RRS roof rack decision time

so the time has come for the purchase of a roof rack for my 13 RRS and it is now one of the few points that i say to myself life would be so much easier if I upgraded LR3 into a LR4, My options are pretty limited it seems and i cannot stand the look of the Bajarack roof rack so it seems I am basically limited to a Voyager Rack or a cheap universal ARB/Smittybilt rack and making some brackets to fit it. Does anyone have any experience with either? or is anyone running anything different there aren't many options out there since not many are building this platform.
I would suggest Front Runner. You have to contact them for information on your vehicle
Front runner doesn’t offer one for the Range Rover sport, I have inquired about what universal one may work but there isn’t a vehicle specific rack. There really isn’t many options.
Rhino don’t make a product to suit ur needs?
Nope just universal ones that looks like I have to assemble from looking around on their site. If I’m gonna spend over $1000 and have to build something I’m gonna spend the weekend and bend something up and weld it together myself.