KTM 1190 / 1290 adventure dimensions


Hi, hoping someone can help. Building an expedition truck which is covered under the mercedes / unimog section but looking to buy and take a KTM 1190 or 1290 adventure. However struggling to find external dimensions to make the sure the box is going to be big enough. Can find it for GS and Explorer so worked a bit off those but think I want to go with the KTM

Ideally looking for something detailed so as well as total length, height, width can also see width at pegs etc. Also looking at what I can do to lower total height (ie can I easily remove screen / wing mirrors. Does anybody have a link to these, able to help?


I have a 1290 Super Adventure R that I have a trailer for. I don't know the widths of it but my trailer internal height is 1450mm and I had to have the screen at the lowest setting and had to install double take folding mirrors (see rocky mountain ATV for these). Also a standard self locking front wheel chock pushes the bike to high for the 1450mm height so I have installed the Pitbull trailer mounting system. If you are looking at the S or T versions of the 1290 then the screens will likely need to be removed if you dont have a space thats 1500-1600mm+ as they are fairly tall even though they are a little shorter in the suspension and wheels than the R version.