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Here is the Bear Parang sitting next to a few of my other Gerbers (Coverts mini/regular) and the Bear folder.



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I had a great bench made a while back but someone felt they should have it more than me. At the time I did not realize it was a $200+ Mil/LEO knife. besides my buck and cpl of gerbers, I have been using a new Gerber I bought at walmart that is a spring loaded locking knife.


I keep a SOG seal pup in my pack. A leatherman in my pocket and a folding knife clipped inside a front pocket that can be opened with one hand.

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DPX HEST. Cool knife, gets a lot of attention.

Spyderco UKPK, my favorite behind my Spyder Paramilitary. Need to get pics of the Para.



My daily carry, regardless of what I'm wearing (pisses the wife off when I'm in a suit/tie and my knife is still clipped to my pocket), is a Spyderco Serrated Byrd. I use it daily at work, I've cut my food with it (hey so it gets some grease on it at work, just helps the food go down better), basically it's my GP knife. A cold steel tanto sits wedged between my seet and the console, I've got a rather rusty (but sharp) machete under the back seat along with a rambo style knife.


I just saw the note about the Becker knives.. I didn't realize they were back in production! Looks like Camillus has been brought back from the dead. I have a BK7 that's seen a whole lot of use and isn't much worse for wear. I guess now's the time to get that BK9 I've many times kicked myself for not getting the first time around. Too bad Camillus doesn't seem to be making the Cuda Maxx anymore.. That was probably one of the best pocket-swords around.


I make my own knives during the "off season" from storm work but I'm still a collector and still buy way too many knives. Dollar for dollar I haven't found anything more all around practical than the Esee 4. I keep it and the Esee Junglas in my car when I'm headed to a disaster area and both have proved themselves indispensable when the hotel suite doesn't have any sharp knives for cutting up a chicken breast for my secret honey salsa chicken stew. I'd post a pic but frankly it would be no different than Matt's pic right above.


A spyderco native lives in my change pocket 24/7. I'm a lefty and like lockbacks. I also will never own another folder without a choil. They are very secure. I Carry a kiwi when I'm in polite company.

I got the bear grylls fixed blade as a present. Great Camping/yard work knife. orange is nice and hi-vis so I don't worry about setting it down outside. The hammer pommel end gets used as much as the blade does.



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Until recently, my daily knife was a Benchmade Ares with a combo serrated/straight blade. It was very imposing to folks on the other end of my hand. The knife is now part of the concrete at my project, lost into the mixer pump. Alas.

I have 2 Leatherman multi-tools that are DC, a Wave and a Squirt.

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I cannot tell which is more painful to read, all the praise of the BG knives or those of you fortunate enough to own a Benchmade and losing them.

It's nice seeing some of the other choices in here too though.