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I did not see a dedicated knife thread, but several small ones where a member was showing their knives.

I have a tons that date way back to the early 1900s that were my dad's pocket knives.

I will have to post later my main three that I use camping and at work, and they are all Gerbers.

Speaking Gerber...
Got the new Cabelas Camping catalog in the mail the other day.
If any of you watch Man verses Wild or something like that with Bear Grylls on the Discovery channel, Gerber just released some items named after him.

The fixed blade one looks kind of like my Gerber LMF II which is a great knife.

Gerber Bear Grylls Fixed-Blade Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

They have other Bear Gryll's stuff there too.
I kind of like the fixed blade knife as it has a fire starter with it.

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This is what I carry daily:

Byrd's "Cara Cara 2" folder (Spyderco's cheap chinese-made line of knives)

I had a Cara Cara 1 with the G-10 handle scales for a couple of years. For the price, I thought it was decent quality but it was HEAVY at 5.6 oz.. I wasn't too upset when someone lifted it from my pocket last Dec since it gave me an excuse to get a new one... the gen2 that I got has the FRN handle and weighs 3.4 oz and a blade design that I like better.


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Here are my main two I use all the time.
The smaller Gerber Covert I carry at work, and the bigger one I carry when off work.
Not allowed to have a knife at work with a blade over 3" long.

My camping knife, the Gerber LMF II.
Very nice knife.



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Those Bear Grylls knives could be the best in the world and I still couldn't bring myself to own one. I do like Gerber knives though and own several.

My daily carry when I'm not on the (oil) rig is a Kershaw Blackout 1550. I've worn out a couple of Gerber LSTs over the years too- I think it's a great everyday knife too.

Favorite camp knife is probably a DH Russel Canadian belt knife. I'm still searching for the "perfect" knife though (and have a box full to show for it).

Colby Jack

Benchmade, Microtech, etc.

Robert, I couldn't agree with you more. I have actually picked up the two smaller knives by Gerber/Grylls, and didn't care for the balance. They felt a bit light, or plastic to me.

My daily carry is a Benchmade AFCK mini. I also have a Microtech mini Socom that I carry on occasion, but the tanto point isn't as nice to sharpen.

Corey, I also have a Fairbairn/Applegate that I bought when I was a wildland firefighter, and have been very impressed with the quality of the blade, though not a very useful shape for me personally.

I recently purchased a TOPS bird and trout knife, and find myself using that more and more in the field.

I also carry a CRKT sheath knife in the trunk of my snowmachine, and have been impressed with the durability of the knife, and its ability to hold an edge. For the price, Gerber and CRKT can't be beat in my book.

Are you guys steel snobs? Not meant to be an antagonizing question. I have been a fan of ATS-34 steel since I got my first Benchmade.

Colby Jack


I carry the gerber quick draw and have for quite awhile. (6 years or so) I have had other knives try to replace it, but the quality of the spring assist and the slim profile makes it ideal for me....

I like benchmades a lot, but it seems like everything they have these days is too big...

I had a CRKT knife before the gerber and lost it. I went to get another one and they all had this little safety that requires the use of two hands to close the thanks.



Blind Horse Knives Bush Baby

EDC rotation
Mike Morris Custom, old school Cool Steel
Pants by Paul Long



Blind Horse makes some good knives for sure. I have a preference for Scandi sheath knives and trapper pocket knives. That said a Buck 110 is a work horse.


I have the Gerber LMF II also, great knife!

For the menial tasks around the campground, I have a Gerber camp axe, and a cheap Cold Steel GI Tanto.. The sheath that came with it sucked, so I bought a Spec-Ops sheath for it..

Amazon has it for $20-something, Cold Steel GI Tanto With Secure-Ex Sheath 80PGTK: Sports & Outdoors
It looks like they're sending a better sheath these days...

The knife stands up, watch this video, there's 10 parts to it!
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If anybody found a small "Bear Grylls" folding knife at Ov Expo this year it belongs to my daughter. Reward of a cold beer at next Expo for return.


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Here are a few pictures of my current crop.
I have many older knives dating back 100 years or more that were my dad's and his dad's.
Also have a few Swiss Army knives put away in a drawer somewhere, but these in the picture below are the ones that come with me on a camping trip or that I carry full time.

Tops left with the case above it and a sharpener, fire starter, and a GI can opener is the Tops Knives Hoffman Harpoon 01.

As posted in another thread by me on fire starters, the knife comes with a cool fire starter, a sharpener, and a GI can opener.

Below the Harpoon knife are two Gerber Coverts which have a spring that gives it assisted opening when you start to open the blade.
The smaller one is my daily carry at work, and it gets a good workout.

The bigger one is illegal to carry at work as the blade exceeds 3".
It is my main carry camping knife and knife I carry with me when I go out when not at work.

The big fixed blade is the Gerber LMF II which the Bear knife I posted at the beginning of this thread looks similar to the LMF II.

Closeup of the Hoffman Harpoon knife.

As seen in the other thread, I have another Gerber knife on order that will be here next Tuesday.
Gerber 31-000752 Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife

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Dreaming of Jupiter
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The Gerber Bear Grylls knife showed up Tuesday.
For $23.12 the knife is a steal.

I have been using it at work since Wednesday, and I like it a lot.
The serrated edge works great for cutting big thick zip ties, and the regular part of the blade is good for cutting just about anything including the plastic wrap on my microwavable lunches I bring to work :D

A knife guru at work took a look at it and said it was very good quality, and he liked the fact it has tightening screws up front that you can tighten if any play between the blade and the handle should ever develop.

You can also flick this knife open without using the thumb studs which is nice.

I got a very good sharpener than came with that harpoon knife, and a few strokes with both ends of the sharpener and the new knife is razor sharp.

If anyone is hesitant about forking over less than $25 for this knife, read the reviews on Amazon.
Very positive reviews.
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