Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box


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Same. The URL is the same as before.

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If I click on the link in the responses, bad, but if I click on the original post and my new link, good. I can't fix the links in the responses, and if you are clicking on the new link, I have no idea why it isn't working beyond what I can reproduce. Sorry. Oh, you could also cut and paste the text into a browser and it will work.
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that was 3 hours well spent

61 pages and a gazillion pics complete with some fine descriptions

let it be known that i WILL be stealing some of these ideas for future projects

whether camping in an SUV a trailer a boat a tent or whatever

these camp kitchens sure can make the experience even better




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That’s good intel aaen.
I gotta ask, was your initial post related to my mentioning the gladiator system? I was under the impression that it was a Mopar accessory but have no idea who manufactures it for them.
Just in case you didn't realize it yet - yeah, that drawer system pictured in the Gladiator is a Decked setup. It may be coming as a Mopar accessory, but they are available now for most modern trucks.


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I agree with others that this looks like a great option. We scored a Dosko Campmate off of Ebay and love it, but they are hard to find. This looks like an updated, available, option. (No affiliation with company.) Maybe they can do a Dosko-like one with swing out doors for a bigger option. The vertical camp kitchens like this are very functional.