Key off power draw - '06 TJ


Anyone happen to know if the TJ's have a significant key off power draw or a well known culprit? Last week my Jeep wouldn't start, still had enough to 'click' the starter. Left for a business trip. Now the battery is down to 3.5 v. Seems like a significant drain in a short amount of time. Obviously need a battery, and going to check charging voltage, but before running into other issues knowing I'm traveling a lot right now and the jeep is sitting mostly want to make sure theres not another well known issue I'm not aware of before forking out cash for a battery.
I have a 1998... not aware of any specific issues on TJ's. Only time I had i ssues in the past 21 years was when my alternator was half in the bag, a bad battery another time and I did leave the overhead lights on once.

Check aftermarket add-ons, charging system and maybe It's just a simple battery replacement.

You could also check the Jeep Wrangler TJ specific forums, lots of good advice to be found.

Good Luck!

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Buy a line t amp clamp meter or similar. Measure for excessive key off draw. Go to your fuse box and pull fuses one by one until the draw goes away. That’s a good start to finding the draw.
I agree with above about starting with aftermarket mods.
I’ve had bad alternators discharge a battery when the engine was off also.