Key not turning in the ignition

Michael Slade

On my '94 RRC, the tumbler failed one too many times and I ripped it out completely. Steering wheel lock, tumbler, key...everything.

Replaced it with a power switch and a starter switch.

None of my Land Rovers need a key to start them now. It's kind of nice actually.


Did the same on my late Pajero (Montero), after it was stolen once.

Strange feeling, just flippin a switch and pushing a button to start it.

Keep in mind, this was about 20 years ago. Quite unusual with start buttons, back then . . . . . . :elkgrin:

Of topic, but i just had to . . . .

daniel ruops

key in ignition not turning

In our experience the G wagon cannot be trusted to provide you with a means of returning home...even from the mall let alone the outback. We experienced the same problem that you described at 83,000 miles. The "fix" is expensive. I sincerely hope that all others have a more positive experience than what we experienced. The costs and repairs were eternal. If you had been driving a Fiat for 10 years you would have been properly prepared for what we experienced.


Rendezvous Conspiracy
Good advice given so far...

I spent 10 years as a doorman/valet at a busy,world famous resort (Bill Gates was a regular). I've had to solve starting issues with G-Wagens, and every other car, more times than you've had hot dinners.

The following will get the key turning 99.999% of the time:
Step one: Press harder on the brake pedal.
Step two: Wiggle the key every different direction while trying to turn ignition.
Step three: Move the steering wheel lock to lock and up and down.
Step four: Slam the shifter into park.

FWIW- After starting ~75,000 cars I can't recall ever having a stuck ignition that I couldn't, eventually, get unstuck. It was a very common problem.