Kern River/ Sherman Pass/ Manache Meadows


We took a couple days off and decided to get out of the fog and head up for some toasty days along the Kern River. Our trip took us up along the River to Lake Isabella. At the lake we dawned our bathing suits and jumped in, seeing that the A/C stopped working awhile back, and the tempature was about 100 degrees. We next headed into Kernville, which has a wonderful museum. We spent a couple hours learning the history of the town. From mining to Hollywood movies. Several of the old spaghetti westerns were shot in the area. It was very popular for filming before they dammed up the river to create lake Isabella. After lunch we headed up the river to find a beautiful little swimming hole were the current was nice and mild. After swimming the boys pulled out their fishing poles to try there luck at catching a trout. A few bites but no luck the first day fishing.

Day two: We headed up the canyon to Sherman Pass. This is a moderate trail through the trees that gains altitude very quickly (like strait up the Mountain). At the beginning of the trail, the tree's were burned from a fire a couple of years earlier. We hit a couple spots were the boys decided to hop out of the cruiser, for fear of tipping over. I navigated through the tough spot, and we finally made it to the top, which then turned into mellow fire road trails. We made our way over to Manache Meadows. This is a large beautiful meadow, that I imagine in the spring has a wonderful flower show. We were too late in the season. This year has been dry and the Little Kern river, which flows through the meadow, was more like a small stream. We explored most of the roads through the meadow and decided to head back down to the Kern river for more fishing and swimming.

Day three: We fished in the morning with some luck and landed a couple trout. (About time, 1 was a keeper). We broke camp and made our way to the Trail of a 100 Giants in the Sequoia Wilderness. This is a spot where the sequoia are enormous. It truly amazes you. These tree's date back 2000 or more years. After a leisurely stroll through the trees We headed back to Kernville for some lunch, then back home.

This was a fun little adventure. The next time I would bring some tubes for floating down parts of the upper Kern river. Enjoy
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Hey Guy, nice pics and looks like the boys had fun. I just found out about that area this year, I really want to make it up there in the spring after a good rain year. I love those Sequoia Redwoods, no matter how many times you see them, they are still amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics.


Great Photo's. Nice and hot over here in the Valley. While you were here I was in Pismo and enjoyed the fog!

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Yea, sometimes we have to venture out of the fog, and see what's going on around us. The old switcharoo. :cool:


Needs to get out more
I backpacked in the Menache Meadows area a few years back. My pops worked on a backcountry ranch when he was a kid that is now pretty much in ruins, but listed on the national historic registry...