Keeping my EMT-B


I really need to do an WEMT course again sometime. I'm torn between that option, and alternatively some sort of military-related first-aid course. I'm not in the military, but quite a few private companies now offer courses that teach treatment of problems like gunshot and knife wounds, as well as other types of "battlefield injuries". These courses go into trauma treatment and emergency procedures quite a bit deeper than the EMT/WEMT courses. You cannot practice these procedures on other people, but they are good to know from a personal point of view.



It used to be in CA that you had to have at least 30 ALS (witnessed) procedures per month to stay certified, which in some rural areas made life rather hellish for even the working paramedics. It was almost down to "I'm gonna go out and get my own patients!" which, as one might imagine, could present all kinds of problems.

One could hang out in the local hospital, waiting, waiting, for someone to show up presenting something that called for intubation or whatever, but, honestly, it reminded me of a flock of vultures circling overhead, also waiting, waiting...


El Gringo Spectacular!
I'm in my 24 hour Arizona refresher class this coming week...and recerted my WEMT with WFA last November. Didn't keep my National Registry because I doubt I'll need my EMT should I ever move out of state. Although the 3 day recert is kindof tedious, it's a lot less time consuming than dropping the cert and having to redo my EMT as a whole....

I've found the Wizard Education classes to be pretty painless. Don't know if they're in CA.