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Hi folks
Since campers need holes in the floor to let the likes of propane out, as well as vents to let fresh air in even when windows etc are all closed up, what have you done to stop dust coming in while driving?
I know some companies use a positive pressure inlet vent with a filter on, anyone any experience of these or links to such filters? Is that just the same as a raised engine air intake, so a cheap engine air filter in a tube?!?


You need to open when you arrive, close before leaving.

The boat deck ports holes work great.

Maxxair or Fantastic Fan at the other end.
My stock ones on my AT were totally aggravating, they slid open under acceleration or incline, looked cheap as hell, wind and dust just blew in, and one broke the first time I used the camper.

I fashioned some out of baltic birch that I laminated and made a 1/8" cork gasket surface border to improve seal around the holes, used hinges and a mini barrel bolt. They arent airtight and are easy to pop when needed, keep way more dust out. I usually dont open mine anyway, as the sideflap window, front slider, and door all leak plenty of air and are easy to open for vent and propane evac. Fantastic fan of course, flap vent at other end. Vast improvement in looks, seal, dust, and ease of use...and staying closed. If propane happens, i can open em and or put the ff on inward to blast it out the bottom.

Sucked, broke one straight away and the others slide all over and let in dust and rodents....


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We have dry camped for over 50 years in various RV's - from camper shells as a kid, to our current Class A motorhome. When heading out to go off roading we often travel many miles on dusty dirt roads. As you know, all campers allow dust in somewhere.

My solution is to pressurize the RV from as clean a source as possible. I use a ceiling mount powered vent that can be reversed air can be pushed in or pulled out of the RV.

In operation, we close the windows, depending on season run the dash AC or heater blower, and switch the power vent to push air into the RV. This combination keeps nearly all the dust out of the RV.

Hope this helps.

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Hi folks I have an Isuzu NPS camper I took a air intake from the front of the camper body next to the truck air intake for the engine in PVC storm water pipe down to a modified Toyota Hiace air cleaner mounted below the camper floor then through the floor in silicon turbo hose with a right angle bend to a boat bilge blower that blows fresh air into the camper fitted a piece of foam over the door vent between the outer and fly wire door panels and is switched on the truck dash along with the fuel transfer pump and compressor . Good camping Ross