KB Voodoo Rack or Other Bed Rack Input - RAM 1500?

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I have a RAM 1500 and am looking for a rack for the bed. I would ideally like to find one that I can keep my bed cover with (hard cover Bakflip) for security, but not absolutely required. I also want to keep my RTT below my roof line or right about at my roof line which means the Leitner Design's are out. I've landed on KB Voodoo racks but the only real review I can find has complaints of the powder coating failing and issues honoring the warranty with the company. I spoke to the owner of KB and he said it has been fixed, but I have nothing else to go on. The other option is Nuthouse Industries, but those racks are about $800 more. Also want to ensure the rack has enough flexibility in mounting that I can attach travel containers to the top or kayaks, bikes, etc.

Anyone have experience or knowledge on the reliability and performance of the KB Voodoo aluminum racks? Any recommendation on other racks that would mount a RTT and supplies to a RAM outside of these that is reliable?

Thank you!

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I have a RAM 1500 (Rebel) and have an Adarac rack system. It allows for my Truxedo tonneau cover with easy access. The uprights that come with the Adarac mount the crossbars above the level of the cab. I made an additional set of racks by using and modifying a set of Compact Camping Concepts trailer rack towers which are available on their website. I mounted those towers to the Adarac bed slotted rails. I made cross bars from 12 gauge channel bars, available from Home Depot. However I do not have a RTT but I’m confident that the load capacity would be adequate for your needs.
I’m not familiar with any racks for a 5’7” but I would think any rack for a Tundra should work. Toyota guys just seem to have so many more options these days.

Maybe check out CBI.

Personally, I like fully welded racks and not those modular ones. But for shipping the modular ones are obviously easier to deal with and cost less to ship.

If you’re in a pinch and need a rack fast you could just go with some Yakima or Thule cross bars for a truck bed until you figure out what you want. Then if you decide to swap them out for a rack you should easily be able to sell them since they are a popular brand. Those are also easy to remove if you need to access the full height of your bed.

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Thanks. I found a few interesting racks out there, but as you said, none that allow you to keep your tonneau cover on. I'll keep looking.