Kayak Slush Race down a Mountain


Dirty Blonde
I was not sure if I should post this in the water sports section or winter activities, but since it is technically dependent on snow, I'm posting in here.

This past weekend I participated in the http://bogusbasin.org/event/1st-annual-kayak-slush-classic/ in Boise, ID. Basically, it was a slalom course akin to bobsledding, but you are in a kayak and bombing down the course to the finish line. Fastest two boats in a a four boat group advance to next heat. Oh boy! It was so much fun! And the course got faster and slicker with each heat.


The day started with a snowstorm atop the mountain and fog rolled in. We could not see the finish line from the start as paddlers entered the "nexus" of fog to finish. I'd describe the event to be bobsledding bumper boats. Thankfully the course was banked. And even then, some boaters flew off course.

I cannot begin to describe how much fun this event was and look forward to competing again next year. I did not make the final eight. But they let us go down the course a few more times. You forget that it is harder to fit your snowpant-clad bum and snow-booted feet inside a small riverrunner boat can be quite the challenge. Most participants ran into that problem.

Many participants did 360deg, went backwards. We smashed into one another and steering was more akin to hoping and praying. All in all, a great event. Does anyone else have events like this in their area? (I'll find more pics and post them)

Some pics from our local news source:

Thats me in the yellow boat and orange tipped paddle in back ground.



Dirty Blonde
Once I get home from work, I'll post more pics. I forgot I took them off my phone.

I enjoy snow for the fact it makes stuff pretty. And when I biff it, it hurts less when I make impact with the ground, hahaha!


Dirty Blonde
More pics

boats lined up before being moved by snow tack machine up the hill.

Us motely bunch waiting to hike up the hill

Getting situated in the boat at the start line

Off we go!

Slalom course a-go!

Trying not to clothsline the competition via paddle.

Getting ready to start

Sometimes we did not face the direction we intended

Some were die-hards and carried their boats up to the start

Near the end, we reached pretty high speeds

Snow machine bringing boats up the hill: [video]https://youtu.be/Hq-MY_s-Q7k[/video]