Just purchased Atturo Trail Blade X/T 285/60R18 120H XL for my 2008 LR3

... And they feel great.

2008 LR3 SE 89,000mi

I couldn't find a whole lot about these tires and I spent a few weeks researching tire options when I bought this car. I thought I would offer to answer any questions and update this thread periodically as I put the miles on, for those that are interested in this particular tire.



Old tires (Hankook all seasons 255/60R18)

If they made em in 265/65, I would've gotten those. They don't, so I figured this was second best size.

I don't have a lot of info yet, but I'll update over time.

Noise: Only gotten up to 55mph yet, slight whine but nothing crazy.

Rub: TBD, have not moved any cables or trimmed any plastic yet.

Cost: $153/tire at Discount

Usage: Mostly overland/expedition with the family, but I don't want to have to worry if I can make it anywhere/anytime. Would like to try some moderate to difficult trails eventually. Don't want tires to be limiting factor. This is my DD for now but I have very short/easy/slow commute.

I did order a fifth full size wheel and five tires, now I have to get a rear tire carrier (ideally) or roof rack (less so). Tires were my first major purchase. Next up is refreshing all the fluids and other recommended maintenance.
Nice price. Do report back when you put a lot of miles on them. With that size you can still fit the spare under the car, no need to buy a rack or new bumper if that's your only consideration
Interesting. We messed around with it at the shop and the installer said it wouldn't fit. I'll give it a shot myself. I do not like that undersized spare.
My 285 -60-18 spare Cooper Zeon is deflated so I can fit underneath. Probably same for these tires.

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Rainy October update:

Still haven't had an open weekend to go off road. However, it's been raining like mad here in Dallas and I have tried my best to lose control or slide in these Trail Blades. I think both the tires and the LR3 are having a laugh at my expense as I drive probably a bit dangerously on these roads.

"Dude. Come on. This is nothing. Wake me up when you have a challenge."

We had a lot of flash flooding, driving rain, deep water (for a paved road). Stuck to the road like glue, no matter what I did. Very reassuring, coming from a guy who has only had All Season tires my whole life.
@Hawkbeard yeah the D3 road handling is epic in my opinion. When I lived in Hawaii, we had heavy rains a lot and the weight and the traction control are really something to take note of over any other vehicle I have owned in the past.....well present too I guess. lol

Now that I am on the mainland again, I am excited to get in some snow; although I'm not sure how my KM2 are in snow though!