Just posting some pics of my FG

FG Surfari

We spent last week on our yearly pilgrimage to the Outer Banks, in Frisco this time around.
As always, great weather, great kayaking, and great people.
I was dying to try out my Maxtrax, but I could not find one vehicle stuck in the sand. Perhaps people are actually listening, and airing their tires down.
That said, I have posted a photo of my FG, with pristine Maxtrax mounted.
Too bad I haven't managed to get myself stuck in the sand. Not yet at least.
Maybe next year (?)

Harrowhill and Rebel Run 046.jpg
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FG Surfari

Updated lighting

I purchased my Fuso FG, specifically a 2004 model, because I personally liked the look of the truck better than the trucks that were offered after it.
To me, the truck looks very distinct, as the later trucks, compared to Isuzu's. Hino's... some how all look all the same.
I also chose the 2004 because I figured that perhaps all of the bugs would have been worked out over the 6 year run of that particular configuration. And, so far, I was right.
That said, and after 4 1/2 years as a daily driver, I have recently been looking to update the headlights, as the factory fitted Kotto's are no longer available, and the lights on my truck having long since been replaced by generic Sylvania units purchased at Pep Boys..
So, after a bit of searching, I was finally able to acquire a set of Hella H1 and H4 halogen headlamp upgrades.
It was completely plug and play, and Wow, what a difference.
Yes, I did take the obligatory headlight night shot, but it simply does not do justice to the improvement in lighting that these Hellas offer over the OEM lamps.
Money well spent.

Fuso Hellas 038.jpgFuso Hellas 045.jpgFuso Hellas 047.jpg
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Just have to say that this thing is simply amazing! If I didn't just buy a new to me 1999 Ram 2500 CTD I would be all over thing thing. Do you have any pictures of the interior of the camper box on the back? (Just in case I'm in the mood to try and talk my wife into getting a new vehicle for the 30th)


Awesome truck! I really enjoy seeing a smaller camper setup, especially with the ease of using such a perfect pre-made box


Now Decanter
Nice set-up! Any chance you might have some pics of the clearance with the 37's and the cab tilted forward?


Kodiak Wrangler
Nice set-up! Any chance you might have some pics of the clearance with the 37's and the cab tilted forward?
I have 37s and there is no problem tilting the cab. The wheels need to be straight ahead or there is some interference when tilting


Kodiak Wrangler
Thanks Mog. Would there be any difference on a 2005 or newer? Any thoughts?
I would think they should be the same, but it would be better to let one of the 2005+ owners answer that.
Also, an FYI that some have posted that the AC condenser needs to be moved forward just a bit when running 37s. Not an issue on mine, but a heads-up


Bump for updates and interior pics.

Also, from the pics, it does not appear there is much up travel with the 37's. I know this is an issue on the stock setup as well. I would be interested in hearing/seeing how your front suspension is configured.

So can you post the name of that camper or the name of where you sourced it, other than "a Tennessee upfitter"? The only reference to a similar product was a 2012 ebay link that is now defunct :(

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