Just got off ferry in Tasmania and water pump is leaking... Anyone know

Hello fellow travelers,

After two years of incident free travels we have our first little hiccup. When waiting to board the late running Spirt of Tasmania yesterday, I noticed some coolant under the truck.

Too late to do anything about it then, so we unload in Devenport and I've traced the leak back to the water pump. It's 11:30am on Saturday and everywhere I've phoned is closed. We'll find a close camping spot for the next few nights and try again on Monday.

Can anyone recommend a truck parts place near Devenport or even a truck repair shop... I'm on holidays and can justify paying someone else to fix it.

Relaxing and enjoying the trip anyway,

Sorry to hear about your hickup. i had a similar thing happen back in April with my FG637, everywhere I went would leave 1/2 cup of coolant when I arrived. (probably back pressure once the engine was stopped).
Replaced the water pump seal, twice, hoping it was that but eventually found the bearing seal on the pump was gone, and had to replace the pump.
Had to order the pump through Daimler Benz in Melbourne airfreighted to the GC. (Copy of invoice attached)
If I had had time, I would have got one from Bretts Trucks and saved $300. But I needed it urgently as it had got to the stage of having to stop, cool down and refill the water after 50km.
Takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs to do, without going to a workshop


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Bugger, as sean said, it's an easy job but i bet his freckle still hurts after paying daimler prices!! , I did mine 2 yrs ago before a trip, only noticed it leaking by chance, but who wants to get dirty on holidays if you don't have too:)
Sorry no idea on tassie shops, these little hiccups make the holiday story and keep the scaredy cats at home!
Thanks guys,

It's almost 8am and time to start ringing places.

This is one of the few times when I wish I could tilt the cab on my dual cab as easily as a single cab.

Let's see how long it takes from inside the cab and under the truck...

Also, I am assuming that I have room to take the fan off and then replace the water pump without removing the radiator?

Any tips before I give it a crack?


Mines a 96 dual cab, no need to remove radiator, plenty of room once you take off fan etc .. only have to get underneath to dump the radiator, otherwise all done leaning in from the passenger side.
Good luck
Who did you end up buying your pump from?
You won’t need to remove the rad or its shroud.
It’s also awkward removing the fan from within the shroud (I think at one point I left the fan in the bottom corner of the shroud as I had removed the pump 3 times to change o rings thinking that was the problem)
Also drop your throttle cables out of they’re mounts to get more working room.
The fan will come off and then remove the pulley. You’ll also need a bit off wet and dry to clean the face off the block before reassembling. Lastly make sure the o ring is nicely seated before bolting the pump back in, and don’t forget to put the throttle cables back on.
Good luck enjoy Tassie
I've lost count the number of times I've pulled the drivers seat and panel out, makes any job on that side easier seeing as we can't tilt the cab without lots of work. Also makes fitting a turbo easier:)
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

While fixing the water pump yesterday I touched the spanner onto the positive wire from the alternator and there was a big spark!

Today I found out why the batteries weren't charging.... 100amp fuse blown.