Just got back from Moab!


Just returned from our annual family trip to Moab and Lake Powell. Took the G63 on Hell's Revenge, Poison Spider, Top of the World, and Fins and Things (at night). Happy to say that the G doesn't have a scratch! I did, however, use every cm of ground clearance. Especially on Poison Spider.

My kids enjoy this as much as I do and make for excellent spotters! Moab and Powell are a blast. If you haven't been, I highly recommend both places.



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Very cool! ^^^Couldn't agree more about using a newer G how it was meant to be used :luxhello:

I'm digging' those Kleeman badges too, understated and ************ haha


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We were crawling about in Moab on Fins and Things, Poison Spider, Shafer trail, Canyonlands Maze/Horseshoe and got some great driving in down in Capitol Reef and Escalante NM. Finished up with somer great hiking in Bryce. What an incredible trip. Our vacation was 10 days including driving to and from Oregon. Love the 80 MPH speed limit in Idaho and Utah, coupled with having a G500 that cruises at 85-90 no problem.
The fall colors in the mountains in Escalante along Utah 12 were absolutely stunning.
A couple of pics from our trip, I'll try to get a few more from the wife's camera and phone.goosenecks.jpgCapitolReef.jpgShafer.jpg


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