Just got a Turbo Tent Pinecrest 10


I just ordered and received the 10 person turbo tent yesterday. Man, this thing is a beast! I havent set it up yet, but upon initial inspection, I am really impressed with the overall quality and feel. This thing is going to make an awesome base camp for winter and fall hunting trips, as well as family trips in the summer. I'm using an M101a2 trailer so I had room to spare. I had been looking at a wall tent, but I am glad that I found this tent instead!


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They definitely take up some space, a buddy has the 6 person model and even that one takes the space of 2-3 camp chairs. Seem to be pretty sturdy though.


Yeah, its a huge package for sure. I have the space in my trailer the size is not an issue. Having a 20x10 "cabin" anywhere I can drive my 4x4 and trailer is worth it to me and my uses. I cant wait to get it set up, my boy and I will be spending some time in Nebraska turkey hunting with it in a few weeks!


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That is a big tent! I had a Turbo Tent three man, and it was the best ground tent I have owned. When I built a trailer and put a RTT on it, I ended up giving the tent to friends as I just wasn't using it. Totally quality and it was quick and easy to erect.