Just bought a M101A2 !


I just won an auction on Gov Planet for a 1987 M101A2. So, the questions begin.... I have to pick it up by June 29, so I am planning a road trip next weekend to get it. I know I'll need to have some 12V lights, I'll have my tool kit with me. But from others' experiences, what are some things I should really have with me in case of problems? Just looking to cover any "gotchas" that others may have encountered.

Mark Harley

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Harbor Freight magnetic lights, a pintle hitch for your tow vehicle, Check the tires and check the hub temp at stops.
Remove the side rails, cover and bows and store them inside the trailer helps with saving fuel.
Good luck and post your results.


Pretty much everything Mark said. You can go to SteelSoldiers.com and get information such as wheel bearing size in case you want to take a couple extras, but I'd just take a can of grease. Worst case scenario; you have to repack the bearings somewhere along the drive home. Where in Colorado are you? I've got an extra axle with hubs laying around that may or may not be in an auction this weekend, If it's not, your welcome to the parts if you're in the Denver area or willing to come get it.


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One thing to be aware of, depending on the design of your pintle hitch, is that the safety chains are likely too short. I had a couple 5000lb. link extensions I was able to attach to the riser plate on the hitch and get the safety hooks into those.


Get a hitch that's height adjustable on the tow vehicle side. The more level the trailer, it seems the more even the surge brakes are. Probably no big deal unloaded though.

On that note, surge brake over-ride pin. In case the brakes are acting up, but then space your vehicle braking distance accordingly.

Perhaps some sand bags & a cut down 2x6 to weight down the back of the trailer, keeping some weight off the hitch depending upon what your towing with. Also I found that empty & with 3 50lb sandbags at the tailgate side of trailer it's super easy to move around by hand for me & I'm a super out of shape middle aged guy that smokes a whole lot.

Putting the 2x6 behind the wheel wells will help keep the sand bags behind the axle, thereby keeping the weight off the hitch. Without anything to keep them back there, they'll shift the first time you stop.

...mind that I've only had my M101a2 for about a month now, but the darned thing is super nice! I just rented a house out here in Oregon and one of the features I looked for was trailer storage so I don't have to sell it...