Just bought a 2013 Tacoma SR5


I don't see any videos with non TRD Tacomas going off-road. Is that because they suck off road? Everything I see is TRD offroad models doing all kinds of things. Bought this as my all around vehicle but now I am feeling kinda remorseful that I didn't spend the extra cash for a TRD. I don't do anything crazy just dirt trails and hill climbs.


Plenty of Taco owners use em’ without the factory TRD Off-Road model’s locker. The TRD Sport doesn’t have a locker either.

Heck, people take the PreRunner 2wd version off-road as well. Just get some good tires and know your truck’s limita and your own.


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Absolutely nothing wrong with an SR5. The only significant improvement you get with TRD Offroad is a factory locker and that's something you don't strictly need most of the time. There's an extra fuel tank skid plate that's nice but also not make-or-break.

I drove my first truck with open diffs for almost 10 years before I put lockers in it. When I replaced that truck I wanted a stock locker for convenience but to be honest if I could have found an SR5 with a stick shift back when I was looking (bought mine used and most V6/sticks are TRD) I would not have any qualms about going that way. In fact I'd rather have gone with Air Lockers with the stronger SR5 axle.

You have no reason to feel remorse, you did the smart thing. BTW your 2013 should have traction control (A-TRAC), right? That's more than adequate for mild trails.


Thank you for your messages. I was told that only 2016 + models have A-TRAC. I am new to the Toyota world, so please correct me if I am wrong. However, you guys have made me feel better about my purchase. Tacos are expensive and I learned this hard way. Hopefully I'll be able to pay it down quickly.



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My 2008 TRD OR Access Cab manual transmission has none of the electronic traction stuff but I think some of them do go all the way back to 2005.

In 2009+ started getting some of them standard.

What the 2013 has I could not say but I suspect you're right that an SR5 won't have A-TRAC or of course the locker.


Thanks for the write-up. Great information for a newbie like me. It seems like my Tacoma does not have A-TRAC because i don't have the button for it.


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I have an 2005 SR5 Tundra. None of the Tundras come with lockers. I previously owned a '97 Cherokee with a 5" lift, 33s and a locker. I went anywhere I wanted. I have taken my Tundra through some pretty rough stuff and shocked people that don't understand what a regular 4wheel drive can do. Just start exploring. Buy good tires, learn to air them down, and get some maxtrax just in case. You will be pleasantly surprised with where your truck can go.

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The people with non trd yotas are too busy having fun and or working off the beaten path to post of videos of it. MY 2012 Reg cab I4 5 speed manual taco with open diffs has gotten me plenty of places. It never fails, you end up hours into the middle of no where get to a trail head and two things happen. A bunch of mobbed out jeeps and trucks show up and you see a stock subaru station wagon at the same trail head. your truck, those jeeps, and that station wagon all got to the same place....
Deep mud, snow, and the super steep loose stuff are limits, but I dont feel like beating on my truck anyways.
Pick the right line, and know when to back out if rolling solo and you will be surprised what a good set of ties will do for you. Short of a few steep and muddy trail sections there has never been a time where I wasn't able to get my tuck to a point off road that I wanted to where a locker and or the TRD package would have made a lick of difference. If you really want a locker you can add one for a lot less then the price of the TRD package. A good set of tires chains, and some traction devices with a shovel tossed in is even cheaper and will fix 99 percent of all problems with enough time.

The SR and SR5 are what tacomas are supposed to be. The TRD pro is awesome, but not fifty grand awesome. The way I look at it is all of that stuff is used perhaps 1 percent of the time, but its a whole lot of extra things to break and pay for. Thats a lotta gas money for getting off the beaten path and checking stuff out


Thank you so much for your responses. I am very happy with my purchase thanks to you all. Expect to see some cool new adventures with the new truck, cant wait to take mine to Moab.

Cheers to all