Just another XJ


A slight reconfiguration of the trailer is needed to accommodate PMC (Project Midlife Crisis). 1977 Honda XL350, some assembly required. Only 13000 original miles, and the price was free. So, why not?

20210531_101039 by Tim, on Flickr


So my XJ has recently become my daily driver. First major upgrade in a long time was to add LED headlights. Anyone who's driven an XJ at night knows the stock lights are less than sufficient.
LED Headlights by Tim, on Flickr

These lights are amazing. Hope they last!

I also picked up a parts bike to build up the 77 XL350 project. The project is moving slow, because parts are really hard to find. This 78 will help a lot!
2021-09-16_01-35-11 by Tim, on Flickr

A few weeks ago, i headed out into the Gypsum hills region of south Kansas to check out the sights.


Shortly after picking up my trailer, the tongue was extended and the ball hitch was converted to 2".
20150801_145936 by Tim, on Flickr

Over time and use the tongue has weakened and it was starting to affect how it was handling on the road. The entire thing shook while driving any speed north of 50. Initially I suspected tires, but when the problem persisted after replacement...
The solution, give it a back bone. combination 2" and 2.5" square tubing beefed things up nicely.

20211017_144014 by Tim, on Flickr

I'm getting eager for my next trip out with the new setup. I'll be sure to give a report.


Quick note. The new setup on the trailer made a HUGE difference. It tows solid and tracks very well.
Currently planning a trip to Southwest Oklahoma in a couple weeks. Watch for pix...


Took the setup out for a quick and nasty campout, one night and the wind was ridiculous. it towed quite nicely.
Camp by Tim, on Flickr

Tested out the new flag pole... 3 sections of surplus antenna poles, a cheap pole set, pvc pipe and monky grip. It worked very well.

Also.. first trip with new (to me) roof rack setup. Simpler, and less of a sail than the old aluminum basket.
New and improved by Tim, on Flickr

Ran into a mystery. Anyone know what this is? It was attached to the leaf, no marks on the other side, very light. It appeared to be empty... Things that make you go hmmm
Bulb by Tim, on Flickr