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it sounds so much better than the stock stereo with blown speakers, but now I need to address the failing headliner. Thinking of pulling the board and coating it with bed liner or other thick paint... I'll have to do some research before jumping in.
I'm in the process of re-installing my headliner now -- took it out, brushed off all the foam, washed it with soap and water, and sprayed it with Monstaliner

Worked perfectly


Nothing new on the project other than occasional use around town.
This past weekend the trailer was attached and the whole rig was put into a parade. We had a good time.
Plans to hit the dirt is coming up in a couple weeks. Heading into the Gypsum hills of southern Kansas for a haunted tour and camp out with the club. I'll be taking plenty of pix then.

IMG_3865 by Tim, on Flickr

IMG_3875 by Tim, on Flickr

IMG_3869 by Tim, on Flickr


Finally doing some fun stuff with the jeep this weekend. The club is heading out into the Gypsum hills area of Kansas for a short tour and camping trip. There will be pix!


You never know how much decompression you need until you actually get it.
This past weekend was some much needed time away with friends and spending time doing what we love.
The area was beautiful and the weather couldn't have been better.
So about 300 miles bouncing around the back roads of south central Kansas. It was surprisingly dry considering all the recent rain. First day there was a few muddy spots, but only once did we have to alter our course because of it. Second day we had to deal with dust. The jeep performed wonderfully, and the trailer towed quite well. In my typical fashion, i over packed, only to forget a few critical things. Still it was nothing to make a major negative impact on the trip.

All in all, it was an excellent time with friends!

IMG_3887 by Tim, on Flickr

IMG_3898 by Tim, on Flickr

IMG_3927 by Tim, on Flickr

Theorosa's bridge, one of the haunted locations we visited.
IMG_3961 by Tim, on Flickr

Camp all set up.
20181027_162854 by Tim, on Flickr

More from the trip can be found here.


What a year... My poor jeep hasn't changed a whole lot since February.
Got slightly used front bumper upgrade and installed a winch, and my recent purchase has been a Smittybilt Overland XL RTT. Which I'm in the process of moving it to a trailer because I don't like it on the jeep.

Sneak away camping trip by Tim, on Flickr

More pix...


Only recent change is the tires and rims on Scrappy... the trailer. I scored a full set of 16" XJ rims with decent tires. Tire size doesn't match yet. But it's a vast improvement over the old rotted out 15" rims and tires I've been running.

2021-03-30_08-48-46 by Tim, on Flickr


It's funny how design flaws present themselves in times when least convenient.
My new favorite Jeep pic by Tim, on Flickr
I stretched my legs this weekend and pushed the jeep and trailer out on the longest trip to date. The jeep performed flawlessly. Considering it's a 24 year old vehicle with nearly 200k on it. The only thing I missed was the AC which I haven't fixed yet. The trailer, on the other hand, started giving me odd fits at highway speeds. I eventually figured out that the tongue was flexing and causing the entire trailer to shake. Enter the temp fix of a little bit of triangulation
fixing trailer handling problem by Tim, on Flickr
The straps took care of the issue temporarily. I was able to complete the trip without any more shaking. Needless to say, I'll be doing some changes to the front of the trailer.

The trip was amazing. Found some beautiful hidden gems in Western Kansas, and determined that the jeep is definitely up to the challenge of longer trips. I
For now...I've got a list of things to address on the trailer, jeep and camping gear in preparation for the next trip.

More pix here>>>