Jumbo under bed box

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Back when I had my Roadster K5 I had a Underbed Box custom built to keep thieves from getting my gear. The box was ordered so sat flush with the bed rails on my K5 on a set of bushings.

The Exterior is 48wide x18tall 24deep.

If you have priced these you know this size box goes for around $500 these day's.

Looks like this but double hasp.

I thought I was going to have a use for (Unimog of my dreams) it but it has been sitting collecting dust for the past 5 years. Time to go.

Interior is perfect. Powder coated exterior has a bit of wear but pretty good. It has been stored out of the rain. Seal is perfect and the box is dust proof. I have the keys.
Looking for $350 or best reasonable offer.


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