July 19-21 2009 Lake Tahoe 30th Anniversary of the Gelandewagen

Mike Serpe


It brings me great pleasure on the tail end of Overland Journal's Gear Guide 2009 feature on the 30th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz / Magna Steyr Puch Gelandewagen to announce.....

The 30th Anniversary of the G and 10th Anniversary of www.clubgwagen.com G-Wagen Treffen (gathering) 2009 in Lake Tahoe, CA. This event will be held June 19-21, 2009 and will feature great people, trucks, and backcountry travel in the 8.3 million acres of open space to the West of the Tahoe Basin.

More details for G fans and owners who might want to join:


Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Serpe


Any ExPo folk considering this event? It's up here in my neck of the woods. I exchanged some e-mail with Mike Serpe this morning and learned that I would be welcome to join in and bring my P(ower)-Wagon.

I've been interested in the G-Wagen for some time and this would be a fine opportunity to set what they are all about.


I am looking forward to the pics, no chance I can make it. They are very neat trucks and it would be nice to learn more about them.

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