(Julmood) My 2016 Nissan Patrol Y61 (GU), SWB, 4.8L I-6, in the Arabian Wilderness!



I'm glad to represent the latest 2016 Nissan Patrol Y61 (GU) short wheel base or simply known as (hardtop), Safari trim, full specs (factory):

Engine, Drivetrain and Main Specifications:

- Engine: TB48DE 4.8L, DOHC, inline-6, Valve Timing Control "VTC", 24 valves, 99.5mm bore, 102mm stroke.
- Output: 251 PS (185 kW; 248 bhp) @ 4800 rpm (EEC net, 280hp SAE Gross), 420 N·m (43 kg·m; 310 lb·ft) @ 3600 rpm (EEC net, 46.0 kg·m SAE Gross) *91-octane, but I use 95-octane petrol.
- Engine redline: 5500rpm.
- 2-door (3-door), short wheel base (or hardtop).
- 2 solid "live" axles with oem rear differential locker.
- 5-speed manual transmission, 4.111 final drive gear ratio (HG41).
- 95 liters tank (~25 US gallons).
- Curb weight: 2364kg (5214 lbs).
- Total length is 4505mm (177.5"), wheel base length is 2400mm (94.5"), and height is 1840mm (72.4"), width is 1840mm (72.4").
- Tire tread width: 1605mm (63.1") front, 1625mm (64") rear.
- Minimum ground clearance: ~210mm (8.2").
- Minimum turning radius (curb to curb): 5.1.
- Dual radiator fans + crank fan.
- 76 Celsius tropical thermostat.


- Black paint.
- 16x8 alloy wheels with 275/70R16 Bridgestone Dueler H/T.
- Spare wheel cover (grey).
- Pintle hook.
- Fog lights.


- 1 driver airbag.
- 6-CD player with AUX, FM/AM radio, 4-speaker system (old school!).
- Suede-like Tricoot (Grey).
- Sunroof.
- Double-visors.
- Auto windows.
- Auto-bending side mirrors.
- Cool box.


- Red leather interior (custom).

Total cost:

147,000 Emarati Dirham, 15,494 Omani Rials, 40,244$ US Dollars, 52,828$ Australian Dollars. (Without some extra taxes and fees).

Future Plans: (might change)

- 35x12.5x16 Cooper Discoverer STT Mud Terrain tires.
- 16x10 alloy, beadlock wheels with some offset.
- 2-3" lift kit.
- Probable factory winch or aftermarket.
- Steel or fiber-glass bumpers?
- A snorkel.


It has been nicknamed "Julmood", which means "Boulder" in English :)

The rest of the pics (more to come, still in Dubai, UAE):

Made in Japan, May 2016, GCC spec:

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So damn cool...My brother just got back from a deployment in Bahrain and would always send pics of the forbidden fruits you guys have in the Middle East; such as, 70 series Land Cruisers and your Nissan. Very nice truck. Enjoy it!


So damn cool...My brother just got back from a deployment in Bahrain and would always send pics of the forbidden fruits you guys have in the Middle East; such as, 70 series Land Cruisers and your Nissan. Very nice truck. Enjoy it!
Thanks buddy!

The Patrol is so damn durable, never heard of someone asking about strengthening the axles and transmission except if they go beyond 1000hp+. It comes with high gear ratio (4.375) with a rear locker, so you only need to add little details compared to many other competitors (Bigger tires, lift, winch), or you can order it with the factory winch aswell:

So I'm considering buying the factory one, because I shouldn't use it beyond 5 times in the next 10 years maybe! (I don't offroad for the sake of offroading but to reach places).

There is the LWB

And the pickup as well

But the problem is some people turned those into dragsters and racing cars! Which made the police too irritated and they'll double check on you compared to real sport coupes!

With many of them beating Ferraris, Lambos, etc.

But they're the main cars of the army + police as well with land cruisers, but the army are mostly patrols:

Police, and more land cruisers for police: Older version Y61 Patrol


The Y61 patrol can pass the regulations in the US in case they change the TB48DE 4.8L inline-6 engine into 4.0L V6, which can still make magic with a high gear ratio as 4.375! Or even switch to 5.6 V8, but it's too huge to fit, yet you can fit an LS7 so easily for being an old school, OHV engine (small in size, big in displacement).

Maybe the market in the US is not targeting real 4x4, as the Jeep Cherokee XJ has been killed, no Land Rover Defender "as I know", only wrangler and very few options with 2 solid axles. So it's a gamble for them as those really consume a lot of fuel, most customers in the US won't find them tempting. I would love to see them in the US as we'll get LOTS of aftermarket goodies! But it's too late, the Y61 is seeing its final year (2016). Nothing official of what's coming/not coming in the future, as all the engines available in the lineup now aren't passing the new Euro 5 and 6 regulations, which leave them in small market share.

I hope they make one step back to go forward again in 2018, they can't give up their share to Toyota!

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What an awesome rig. Congrats!! Very jealous!! Excited to see where your ride takes you.
Thanks *_^ My first plan is to hit this place, just I hope it won't be my last day as it's around 900m high on a cliff!

But might travel to closer spots first! It's around 80-90km though from home.


Julmood is getting closer, now in my country! And you can see how it looks after the custom red interior!



Just finished the leasing papers + checks, but it should be ready for the next step; transferring it under my name in the police. But that would be on Sunday! I'll be milting here in the meanwhile :(


I've been lazy lately, enjoying my time before school starts (I'm a teacher)

Found this on the road, a patroling Patrol!

And this in the police station while finalizing transferring it under my name:


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The car after registration, before sending it to my region (1100km approx.)

More pics of the interior, my friends told me that red is a bad idea, but I don't really think so :) One customer at the same dealer when he saw mine he got pissed at them as he didn't knew it was available!

Now it should get here within 2-3 days, costing 65 Omani rials (169$ US dollars) to send it here.


First when I got it! A little bit dusty :) Really love the new car smell, never had it since 2007 ^_^

Then it took a shower

And after some mild roaming, went back home :) Tomorrow should be the first adventure! Not sure if it's tomorrow anymore because I'm typing this at 6:16am! Might skip sleeping, sleeping is for losers:cool:

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