Josh's 2014 Xterra Pro 4x - guided by necessity

Current (November 2017) photo:

I bought the Xterra new back in January 2014 and have had it all over the Northeast since then. The build will be slow, with mods being done as they become necessary. All I've done thus far is the addition of stock-sized Duratracs, the Yakima bars, and the Tepui Kukenam RTT. Next on the list is a full OME suspension swap, mostly for load carrying needs. Enough with the verbiage, here's some pictures from my most recent trek into Bald Eagle State Forest in Western PA. I met my brother there, as he was heading up from North Carolina, the weekend of September 19th.

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Thanks for the kind words! Got about 6k miles on the duratracs thus far, very happy with them. They're load range C, in the interest of weight and MPGs. In my opinion, E load range isn't really necessary with these trucks. I've driven through dirt, mud, rocks, and brush and never came close to puncturing a sidewall, as far as I can tell.


Skip the OME for the front. Bite the bullet and go PRG/SPC UCA's and at the very least Radflo's. In the long run you will be much happier, trust me.
Thanks for the comments, all.

Ripper, why no OME? I'm only looking for a mild lift and everything I've read about them has been stellar. Also, what time are you getting into VT on Friday? Or are you arriving Thursday?


There is nothing wrong with them. But you're going to want more, trust me. I am maxed out for lift on a non titan swap set up. This is like the third variation for a front set up, and it's not enough. Now I am going TS and its some big dough!

I'll be up there on Thursday. What about you?
I'll be up Friday, along with the wife, McCoy, and another guy from work. Find us some good real estate and we'll have a repeat of the mid-Atlantic fiasco?