Joolca Hot Water System


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Does anyone have any experience with the Joolca hot water system?

Please share your thoughts. Thanks!


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I have one, I’ve set it up in the garage and tested it. It works well so far I like how everything comes in a kit. The nomad kit has a tub and a bunch of accessories so it’s bulky. Not really heavy though, it might make it easier to use a lot more water with it being much more accessible. But washing hands brushing teeth and keeping the kiddos clean it’s 10x faster than boiling water and putting it in a bucket.


Bought one last year and have been happy with it.Had an issue with the pressure regulator which they replaced quickly.
Also bought the Ensuite Double which is a great addition.
Mounted the unit in the rear of our van, and made an adapter to hook into the existing out door shower pump setup.D93C83B5-0C92-4A93-B323-3B2933967A78_1_201_a.jpeg


If you install an anti-scalding mixing valve, you won't have cold water, hot water issue and you'll waste less water trying to get the correct water temp out of the shower head.



@alia176 can you share more details on your anti scalding valve. Great idea.
Nothing special, just a mixing valve from amazon installed in front of the Ecotemp water heater. There's a quick disconnect for the shower hose, grey color thing. So, the warm water goes to the sink and always ready at the QD for a shower. A typical RV shurflo pump near the tank in the back of the trailer keeps the lines pressurized and the heater lives in the tongue box.



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For those that have them, are they worth the price tag? I've got the Ensuite double and have modded a Zodi Instant Hot Water heater / shower with quick disconnects and more tubing so I have the shower head / tubing left in the ensuite the same way Joolcas ensuite plumbing works.

The Joolca I like that it heats on demand with no user having to light the burner. Just gagging on the price tag.

Looking at the Joolca HOTTAP Essentials it goes for $269.00 with no pump of any sort. A Camplux 5L for example is $159.00 and I have seen it recently as low as $129.00 and it seems to be more or less the same thing.

The Joolca seems to be outfitted with things like quick disconnects that allow for simple, easy, almost foolproof setup and that is a great thing... I guess the big issue for me would be should I spend the extra since I already have the plumbing in the Ensuite, or just go with a lower cost option...
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