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Welcome! Keep us posted on your plans and progress, my Monty is at a stand still at the moment only driven every now and again until we move later on this summer then I'll be able to work on it some more.

Recommended books for Overlanding

Dreaming of Jupiter
by Ted Simon
From $18.09
Into Africa
by Sam Manicom
From $25.52
Crossing the Congo: Over Land and Water in a Hard Place
by Mike Martin, Chloe Baker, Charlie Hatch-Barnwell
From $29.19
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Guide
by Chris Scott
From $10.09
Morocco Overland: A Route & Planning Guide - Southern Mor...
by Chris Scott
From $18.03


Congrats! Looks exactly like mine did when I bought it back in late 2012...still going strong 80k miles later! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.

Michael Brown

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Be sure to grab the FSM from my link below. Should find it helpful for a lot of things.


Dreaming Ape
😂😆😆😆 "brush guards" what is it with these things? It's like the car version of fake nerd glasses

Recommended books for Overlanding

Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey from the American Dream to t...
by Brad Van Orden, Sheena Van Orden
From $15.95
Lone Rider
by speth Beard
From $19.95
Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North ...
by Michael McCoy, venture Cycling Association
From $9.99