JLR Restructuring / Reorg

When I worked for JLR the focus was to be a boutique marquee with the saying of “to be truly special something has to be rare”. Since then they’ve just saturated the product lines with uncompetitive vehicles solely relying on brand recognition to sale. JLR needs to go back to a boutique focus. Low volume/high margins is how all the British builders are surviving now, even Mini is considered low volume/high margin. JLR have the brands to make this work beautifully.

Land Rover needs to focus on the core products. Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery and Defender. To say the Evoque, Discovery Sport and Velar have been sales failures would be an understatement. Continue moving the Range Rovers upmarket and hold the line on the other product.

Similar approach for Jaguar, build a core sports car, possibly a GT coupe, a single super sedan under the XJ badge, a small performance CUV and a larger performance SUV.