JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.


Very minor update;

Sorry for the slow updates lately, I have been working on the adaptor, and some body work, but still not much to show for it yet.
I will be in Oregon for a few days this week, so I won't get a lot done this weekend; but in project related news; I ended up not getting the B&M 45195 precision shifter that I ordered from EBAY; as the seller never shipped it. Oh well, it happens when you deal with new sellers.

So I got a refund, and will probably order again when I see another deal pop up.

So I will deduct the $400 from my expenditures tally. Slightly annoying, but oh well.


Whata doing out here in Oregon?
Small vacation to visit family ( I am originally from Oregon) I will also take some time after visiting family to meet up with a friend who is out there right now, and we will go camping for a few days near Mt hood, and probably make it over to Mt St Hellens.
I haven't been to Oregon is too many years, so I am sure looking forward to it. Headed to the airport in a few hours.
What are your favorite places in the Portland/Mt hood general area to do some light offroading and camping?