JK Fridge Mounting

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JT Rubicon Launch Edition & 2017 Raptor (#2)
I just finished (for the most part) the rear storage/fridge mount/aux battery set-up for my 4dr JK. My requirements:
  • Keep the back seats
  • Keep access to cubby storage
  • Keep access to jack storage
  • Include aux battery storage
  • No holes in jeep to mount storage/fridge
  • Build to allow a sleeping platform extension

This is what I ended up with:

Rear of unit behind back seats housing aux battery storage, aux 12 fuse panel, and 800 watt inverter

Aux battery

Other electronics

Really like what you've done.

Some questions:

* Looks like the battery is vented to somewhere. What can you tell us about that?

* Did you seal up the battery box? How?

* Are you charging the battery while you're driving (or do you do that when you get back home)? How is the battery wired (if you're charging it while driving)?
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Keep it simple stupid
I built a temporary sleeping platform for an upcoming trip. I pulled the entire backseat, and strapped my fridge down on the driver's side. I built a few brackets and bolted them down with the seat bolts to act as anchor points. It's made to be the height of the fridge, so I can store gear totes underneath, and the fridge lid acts as a portion of the sleeping surface. It's been working quite well so far.