Jerry Can Spouts


I have a couple of jerry cans that will be laying sideways on my CDN 101 trailer. Where did you get your pourable spouts for Jerry cans? I would like to fill them with water, put them back into the racks on the trailer and pour water out of them. There are a bunch of options out there. Need feedback on which one is best.

I bought stainless steel beverage/concessions spouts, drilled holes in the can caps, and installed the spouts into the drilled holes. These types of spouts are plentiful and inexpensive.


Get the spouts the same place you get the cans or on Amazon, they are plentiful. Not sure what you mean 'the best' if it works it is the best. Don't get anything cheap.
I had a Nato blue can for awhile that was made for water, it rusted and became useless. I now use plastic Scepter cans. Putting water in metal cans is chancy, just my opinion.


Man On a Mission
My Jerry Cans all came with this type of spout, I bought them so I would always have enough fuel but with the fuel economy I'm Getting they have become surplus to requirement.

jerry can spout.jpg