Jerry can mounting


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We want to mount three 10 liter NATO jerry cans to the outside of our Pastime pickup camper which rides on a Chevy2500HD. We've logged 150k miles in this rig and are tired of moving the cans around. Wife says it's about time.

We'd be interested in seeing folk's solutions/systems.


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Not sure if the roof is an option for you or not. I made a roof mount for 2 jerry cans, the top part clamps down and holds everything tight. There's a flat piece of metal between the cans that has a threaded rod on either end. That way I can take the center piece out when I don't have any cans up there and I don't have to remove the whole thing. The wingnut on top has holes to run a carabiner or padlock through to keep it from spinning lose.

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At 71 years young I don't climb on the campers roof in the field anymore. Looking for a system to either; 1) mount in the receiver hitch but be out of the way of the scissors stairs and door or; 2) attach to the rear outside wall of the camper. Don't know if the framing of the camper will take the weight or not. Going to call the manufacturer about that. Thanks for the reply.