Jefe's Truck Camper Trek over the White Rim Trail and failed attempt at the Needles district


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
After my first attempt at posting this trip report here ended in the piece going into ether, ostensibly because it had more than 10k characters, it has been posted on Truck Camper Adventure instead. Here's the link.
The 1998 Lance Lite 165s seen in these images has been retired. We pick up our new Northstar Laredo SC at the Iowa factory in September.


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Nice write-up, glad you didn't need a tow! I was out there about the same time and pretty surprised to wake up to snow and roads turned to red grease. lovely country, just a bit unpredictable...


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I did enjoy your written description of your WRT adventure along with your adventure in the Needles District as always a great write up!
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Jefe, great to see a familiar name/face and read your writeup! Back in the early days of internet Jeeping, I believe we were both on the "Jeep-L" listserv together and got out on the same trails a few times during Easter Safari around 1998 or 1999 back when Rusty Nail was a new thing.

Scott Rozman
(from Wisconsin and drove an XJ back then)