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Hey guys,
I'm the owner of a 93 jeep wrangler YJ and absolutely love it. I did the procomp 5.5 inch coil conversion system on it now I'm looking at switching from short arms(aka midarms) to long arms with 3 link up front and 4 in the back. My purpose of this thread is to get input and hopefully info. There's not much out there for the YJs with the coils and I would get the kit but I don't want to stretch my jeep too much to were I have to relocate my gas tank. My question is where is everyone getting the measurements. I've seen a few and read doing the stretch the max without having to move more stuff is 95. What are opinions of the control arm drop down brackets as an alternative of the long arms.

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You'll probably get more info from a dedicated Jeep forum! Majority of threads here are geared towards less extreme conversions.

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Yeah sorry. I love YJ's on leaf springs. Never thought about converting one with a kit.