Jeep XJ Stuff (Now with Pictures)


I've got a set of Michelin LTX tires in the 30x9.50x15 flavor, mounted on a set of factory Grand Cherokee wheels that I no longer use. Definitely not new, but still have a fair amount of life left on them. Wheels are 15x7 (I believe, could be 8 inches wide), and are a 5x4.5" bolt pattern, so they'll fit on an XJ, TJ, YJ, ZJ, Ranger/Explorer, etc. Rims are dirty, but will be cleaned before sale.

I'm looking to get $100 for the set of four, local pickup.

I've also got another set of tires and wheels from my XJ, but this set is really only useful for the wheels, as two tires are blown. The other two hold air just fine, and I am using one as my spare currently. I'd prefer to sell all 4 together, but might be willing to break up the set if the offer is good. The tires are 235/75/15s, and the two that hold air are in good shape, the one I'm using as my spare is nearly new. I only had them on the road for a few months before I bought the Michelins above. 4th tire not pictured, as it is my spare, and is tied up in the back of my rig.

I'm looking to get $50 for the set, $40 if you happen to have one YJ steel wheel I can replace my spare with. Again, local pickup preferred.

I've also got a JCR lightbar made for XJs up for sale as well. Currently mounted on my rig, but coming off this weekend. Looks nice, holds 4 lights. Its supposed to hold 4 6" lights, but I only ever put the two on the outside. I could never get two in the center to aim correctly, so I never bothered. Painted a silver/grey hammertone, a couple chips in the paint on the light tabs, and one quarter inch hole drilled through the passenger side mount (does not affect mounting at all). Only reason I'm selling it is because I never use the lights on the roof, and I want a more streamlined look, as well as thinking about adding a roof rack later on. These were discontinued and as far as I know, JCR no longer makes these. Picture to give you an idea of the look of the light bar, lights not included.

Looking to get $90 for it, I can ship it, on buyer's dime. I don't remember how much it was when I bought it, I think it was around $35 to $40.
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