Jeep Wrangler Unlimited overland camper build For Sale - Price Update


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Location: Union City, Michigan, USA

Description: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited overland/expedition/camper build with under 99,000 miles and a full sleeping platform/kitchen galley with tons of upgrades and camping gear for sale.

Known Problems: None, the Jeep has been thoroughly inspected every 6 months while I was on the road and last month when I returned. All major service has been completed (last month: oil change and transmission service) and all other issues were repaired/replaced prior to overlanding: new radiator, driveshaft repair, transmission repair.

Want to join vanlife, but want something more rugged for overland travel. Want to explore areas where vans and rv's can't go? This is the perfect option for you.

This Jeep is loaded with high end and high quality upgrades specifically designed for overland travel. The platform build is rock solid and will last for years to come.

Even if you just want to take the family camping on the weekends, this is a great option.

Most of the upgrades, gear, and add-ons are included in the video in detail (link below). Don't see something you have a question about, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Manuals for all of the most significant upgrades and items are included along with maintenance records. Original rear seats, front bumper and wheels are also available.

Hit the road ready-to-go with this purchase. There literally isn't much of anything you would need to do after buying before you head out long-term or short-term.

Start your next adventure today...

Full exterior and interior video:





Price: $55,000 O.B.O - Please do not hesitate to make an offer. The price is intentionally high to start off negotiations, but there is plenty of room in that price to negotiate.
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I'm taking this opportunity to point out (as the admin here) that speaking any negative in someone's classified ad is totally against the terms of use of these forums. If you don't like someone's post ... move on. We do not allow keyboard cowboy syndrome here. Thanks for complying.
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Bump: Price Reduction to $55,000

Please watch full video to see everything that is included as there is much more than shown in the photos above. Mileage is still under 99k, but might go up a bit prior to sale, but should not exceed 99k-99.5k miles.

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