Jeep Trailer tow camp and tow 2 Adventure Motorcycles


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I am trying to come up with a concept that will work well for me and fit within my limitations.
I have Jeep Wrangler Unlimited so my tow rating is 3,500 and i dont want to go over 3,000.

I have two ideas in my head.

1) 6x10 cargo trailer with a small counter top in the front with a little sink and then likely some sort of outdoor cooking or small propane stove. Drop down single bed hung on the side walls.
Benefits being more secure with the ability to add heat

2) Utility trailer - 6x12, build a counter top on the front with a sink and then have a portable propane grill. Setting a standard ten up on the deck of the trailer. Doing a overhead rail or two to hang a tarp or at least sun shade while parked.
layout looking something like this...
trailer idea.JPG

Give me your thoughts, pro n cons, things im not thinking about.... other options


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Here are some of the trailers Ive used as inspiration....

Im not sold on roof top tents for 2 reasons... wind resistance while towing, and not wanting to climb up into the tent every time i want to lay down... feel free to tell me why im wrong




I think your budget and willingness or ability to fabricate stuff will have a big influence on this project. In my opinion, one could probably scratch build a lighter trailer that fits the purpose, but it won’t likely be cheaper.

Is off-road towing important or are you sticking to graded dirt and pavement before jumping on the motorcycles?

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Cargo trailer all the way - bikes and gear are weather protected on the highway, and when you get there and unload, you have a good spot out of the weather. Mount an awning on the side of the trailer, park bikes under awning and they should stay dry too. Bonus- cargo trailer is great storage for the bikes at home. I tow a 5x8 with my jeep, from these guys - very happy with it (no affiliation)


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Here’s my 6x12 that I typically use for my construction business. I added a dual 6v battery setup and table in the nose, along with an ARB awning and several other mods. The ARB drop down walls and a propane heater can be added for a place to hang out when it’s cold and wet. I didn’t buy the room with the floor since I wanted to be able to leave muddy boots and stuff on. I’ve also fitted brakes as I found them helpful towing with less than a full-size vehicle.

I’d go with a 6x12 V nose over a 6x10 or flat front. I have just under 8’ from the rear ramp to the side door opening, so with the bikes in there you can easily walk in and access the counter, or store coolers, chairs, etc there. With the golf cart batteries in the nose I always have plenty/probably too much tongue weight, so you shouldn’t need to worry about the bikes being too far back.

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