Jeep to F150 HD SCREW...


12.5K should be more than enough.........I had this size on my old heavy diesel and it did fine

I HIGHLY suggest not using a steel cable and getting a synthetic rope.....much safer and much easier to use


12.5K should be more than enough.........I had this size on my old heavy diesel and it did fine

I HIGHLY suggest not using a steel cable and getting a synthetic rope.....much safer and much easier to use
Yup, that's what sitting on top of the winch, sync line and extension. Based on the 'highly' I'm guessing there's a story there...

I've seen and heard both style lines snap during boat tow operations, though that was the older style nylon lines, not the newer spectra/dyneema. Both scenarios are bad news, especially at higher towing force levels.

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Drawer & storage.

Families out of town so I got cranking on some storage. It's not done yet needs a lot of finish work but is usable and that's usually where I end up stopping in the end with most projects. Still trying to figure out what to do for nonskid for the dog. Weighing options of:Roll on bedliner, restore deck finish, garage rubber flooring, or horse stall matting, I prefer the latter but depending on price and weight I may end up with paint.

(Don't know how to rotate on here)

Some storage in the wheel wells on either side, 60 inch slide out drawer, and foot well for the bicycle or otherwise storage with the top on it. Still has a full 4 feet for sheet goods, and I can still sit upright underneath the roof.

All told about three sheets of plywood, Half a jar of wood glue, Lots of swearing over the F1 50s various humps in the bed, one really expensive drawer slide and A few days sweat equity; but I think it'll be worth it in the end. I'll try to upload some more pictures later on.
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Figured I’d drop a line back here since I’ve been perusing the forum recently. Almost talked myself into an upgrade to a tremor but fiscal realities brought me to my senses.

Just about 60k on the F150 with no complaints!

Spent some time upgrading my rack recently to support our summer trips now with COVID around; and finally got around to painting my drawers and running power to the bed. I’ll drop a photo or two here if it’s ever clean enough to show off. The awning is sweet and definitely a nice upgrade; and the Thule ski racks work great (after some diy mods to make them fit)

Tempted to upgrade the suspension, and swap my topper for a 4 wheel camper project M; but for now it’s a pretty sweet setup. As an old time friends wife stated ‘my husbands jealous’. FD2D6DAE-0725-4152-93F9-E4C6ECDEE2F2.jpeg49A5D787-E8AC-44F9-B23E-181E9D08A3FB.jpeg


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4. Ecoboost with a winch is a pain due to the intercooler. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to handle this.
Easiest way is to get an intercooler that mounts above the stock location.

Oooooor you could run any aftermarket intercooler that is larger/more efficient than the craptastic stock one to offset the loss in airflow from the winch. Considering Ford will put a license plate over the hole for the intercooler, I'm thinking there is plenty of airflow remaining.



Got a rattle coming from the torque converter that showed up in the last few weeks. Originally thought it was a condensate issue with the turbos but dealer says tranny. Covered under warranty.

Ordered some new shocks for the rears; bilstien 5160’s. And finally cleaned up the rear drawer system and power run for the bed.

Awnings been great definitely recommend it.


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That white was copied from GM. But GM doesn't use it anymore? It's a blue tint, not the usual yellow tint.

I love that torch red as well. Both look great with black wheels and accessories.


Listed for sale... upgrading to an F350...

Nice deal. Rare bird and optioned exactly how I would if I custom ordered. Paging @Todd n Natalie

Todd n Natalie

I thought you were looking for a HDPP. And a Ranger. And an F250. And..... 🤣
Yeah, I don't know what i want, lol.

Something smaller / cheaper like a Ranger would be nice to be more fuel efficient, could fit in the garage etc. Just don't know that it will fit the bill for kids / towing / hauling.

I like the F250 for payload. HDPP Seems like a good in between compromise.

I've got lots of time though. I'm in no rush.

That HDPP looks nice but, my truck is only a year older with 40K more miles. So, not gaining a whole bunch. Plus when you convert CDN pesos to USD, I think that truck would cost me $364,096.00.

EDIT: I also want a Power Wagon, a Gladiator, a Bronco, a Raptor, a TRX, a 200 series Land Cruiser a E39 M5, Porsche 718 and a '58 Plymouth and and........
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