Jeep Radio Cuts Off

Wracking my brain trying to figure this one out. Will reboot if I reset the computer but only good until I cut the engine off. Thinking a security feature is interfering with the power. Had to change out the battery in the fob. Any ideas? 2008 JKU with 62,000 miles.


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You've got thousands of JK owners on Wranglerforum and only a few here ----- better odds of finding an answer in a larger sampling.

I've had two JKs, a 2008 and a 2014. My '14 has had the radio replaced under warranty but it wasn't doing weird things like yours.
I do have an electrical gremlin, have had it in for over a month at the dealership for warranty. They replaced the front window switches, the rear window switches, and the TIPM. Still there.
So I got out my multimeter and isolated it to the driver's rear window actuator. Will bring it in for a new one soon.

When I troubleshoot I try to find a middle area, break the circuit, and try to figure out which direction the problem is coming from. With a radio quirk it's harder to do....