Jeep parts 1955-1975 body bushings, suspension bushings


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CJ-5/6 Jeep suspension parts for 1955-1975 CJ. Unused. PayPal acceptable but buyer pays 3% paypal fee.

1). Prothane 1-101' high performance body mount urethane kit. Red, unused. $28- shipped.

2). Prothane 1-1001 front/rear leaf spring eye and shackle kit. Red. New. Two sets $35- shipped for both.

3). Prothane 19-1712 tie rod boots, red. New. Two packs - $12-shipped for both.

4). Prothane 1-1201 jeep trans torque stud. Red. $7- shipped

5). 12 volt windshield wiper motors with blade. Two sets no wiper arms. Unused. Both shipped- $55