Jeep....Now I do understand


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Ok, now I get it about Jeeps. What a great ad campaign designed to lure more men. Very simple, but to the point.


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datrupr said:
Very simple, but to the point.
Ah....the KISS it theory in effect. :D

I must admit there are few things sexier than seeing a hottie cruising her old Jeep with the doors and top off. Uhh... you know what I mean.


I posted that on our VT car club message board a while back and a couple weeks later we were going out to a local trail and one of my top-heavy female friends IM'd me asking to go, "I want to see how bouncy and fun it is" :jump:


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I like the title and did not want to start a new thread, so high jack it here we go... its been dead for 15 years.