jeep jk unlimited camper project


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The shape is spot on. The look is a near perfect mix of utility and style. The function seems like a winner, especially for a couple, a single or the Overland types.

I think there is a market for these, but it really depends on where in that market you want to be? Simple and minimalistic, basic and reasonably priced...or fully loaded and spendy. If I were you, basic and minimally appointed and lower price point will sell more. Lots of folks out there looking for a low(er) cost 'shell' style camper.


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I might have missed it but what does it weigh? I think it is a cool home project, but not sure it has a huge sales potential. I think it looks cool and if I saw it I would definitely check it out, but at the end of the day it would not be for me.

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Like I have said somewhere before in your tread, this is really nice.

As for the price, a lot of what was said before this make sence. But you first need to figure out what is your base cost. You do not want this to become a lost leader.

Before being a Paramedic, I have work in the manufacturing buisiness as a production engineer, and park of my job was work study to determine the production cost of the product we were doing and it is very easy to forget something that will influence the cost and in the end, the viability of the product.

So, yep, first determine the actual cost of your product, not what you think you might be able to built them for a year from now. Then make provision for the delay it will take form paying for raw material and labor until you sell the first unit and get the cash.

Then figure a retail price that will allow you to lmake a living and maybe make a profit on top of this. Then you will be able to take a decission if you really want to get into this for a living.

It is a niche market and until you have a deposit, you never know who will really stay in line to purchase one.

Good luck, and until then, enjoy your warangler camper! :)


My wife, four kids and myself slept comfortably for 3 nights. 2 on the floor, 2 upstairs, and 2 on the dinette.



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Here are a few extra pics of the interior. Since it’s the first one, it’s a little rough around the edges. Upholstery was done by my wife and myself and isn’t even close to professional, but we wanted to get as close to finished as possible so we could get out to enjoy it.


WOW! I can't believe that's all in the back of a JKU!

I really liked the build before, but seeing the inside gives me a whole new level of respect for your skills. Damn! That's nice!