Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) as ExPo vehicle

Utah KJ

Unless you're going to use takeoff JK tires, might want to look into a proper offset dedicated rim setup for a little more than the spacers.

I went with 17X8.5 -6 Offset 5x127 MB Motoring TKO Black alloy rims and mounted 285/70-17 Duratracs. These were from Discount Tire Direct Ebay Store back in 2016 and I have had great success. They were running a promo at the time on Ebay for $100 off every $400 order... I made five separate orders so basically got the rims for free. Those promos might be going away with the economy tanking though, worth keeping an eye on them though if stores get desperate to sell.
The CRD has manlier calipers than the JK or other WKs so I’d still need spacers to use them. So.... I didn’t bother.

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