Jeep and the Computer

I am also curious about pre-computer Jeeps, but not because of EMP's or hacking, but because I've found that with two of my trucks (GMC step-side & Chevy Suburban), they will not run without a battery,mwhich is a pain, if you're stuck with either a frozen or cratered battery.

Looking at buying a pre-comp Jeep with a standard transmission, so I can push or jump start in a pinch, in case I get stranded between say, civilization and Yellow Knife,for example. Any tips?


I can appreciate the Prepper mentality, but it follows the same logic as "I don't trust banks!"--if you can't get your money out of the bank, we will have much bigger problems to worry about.

Backroad Joe

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I intentionally bought an older Jeep for the reliability. A 1968 CJ5. Besides being the iconic Jeep, over the 16 years I've owned it I've rebuilt everything myself. I keep the systems simple, like using a carburetor. It can be repaired on the trail if need be. I carry about 160 lbs of spare parts and tools. I run solo all over the Southwestern US with complete confidence. Sure, there have been breakdowns, but repairs have always been made on the spot and I return home on schedule.

It may not be for everyone but it sure works for me.