Jackery 1000 vs dual battery vehicle set up for running ARB fridge.


I keep a ARB 50QT in the back of my Jeep. After getting stranded with a dead battery once, I don't trust the voltage cut off to leave the fridge running while out camping with the single battery.

Option 1: Genesis dual battery kit, which will cost $600 plus 2 new batteries, another $680 for matching group 34 Odyssey's. https://www.genesisoffroad.com/jk-dual-battery-kit
Option 2: Get a lithium portable to keep the fridge plugged into and have it charged via the vehicle while on the road/trail - A Jackery 1000 is about $1000.

What makes the most sense for off-road/camping trips? I'm typically driving most of the day so it's very rare the fridge has to run 2 days without the engine running.

If Option 2 is the winner, what's the consensus of wiring in a big inverter to charge it on AC vs. using large gauge DC wiring to it from the battery?
Another benefit of the portable is it can charge devices while camping much easier than leaving the iPad/iPhone in the Jeep. Also I could move the portable plus the fridge over to another vehicle easier. But I don't know much about these Jackery things.


As someone who has spent decades wiring up dual battery/house battery systems for everything from RVs to hunting rigs to mobile offices my first reaction is to go option 1.

But times change.

I have recently been introduced to the Jackery 1000 and am taking a long hard look at buying one for my newest build (2002 GMC Jimmy).

I was introduced to the Jackery product line via the YouTube channel Epic Family Road Trip, and since I have come across other channels including people in my area of the globe (Vancouver Island) who swear by the Jackery product line.

For the past decade I have been helping friends build rigs/vans/tiny homes/etc where I install one to three additional batteries (more if needed) as well as including hardwired and on-the-fly-hook-into-it solar systems - and they have worked well. The downside... batteries are heavy, batteries take up space, batteries should be using some serious heavy gauge wire (which a lot of people seem to skip or just not know about), then they also require solar charge MPPT system (more money), and if ya want AC power an inverter and by inverter I am talking 1000w or larger (again $$$). I love the Go Power stuff being as they are a home town company and I seriously am hoping they come up with their own version of the Jackery 1000 (which I assume they will)

Along comes Jackery and they put it all in one simple to use package that doesn't take up much space and is cheaper than the above mention system or your Option 1.

A good friend bought two of the 1000 series and uses them for his two week plus at a time road-trips off grid to recharge his laptop, backup drives, camera and cell phone batteries as well as a backup power source for his ARB fridge. And he can't happier.

Not sure if it helps answer your question, but you are not alone wondering about adopting the new tech.

Keep us posted.



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I love my jackery 1000 and arb 50 combo. If you call jackery (numbers on their website because I know you will ask for it) and ask if they have any blems you might get a deal I got mine for $500 shipped and others have too but some have paid a little more. I and others have posted a bunch on here about this. anyway my jackery can run my arb 50 in a hot truck for several days without needing a charge. I just bought a jackery solar panel and just initial testing show it will charge my jackery way quicker then the specs for either indicate. Pretty much could be stationary during the summer and never need to recharge via driving or ac. one thing a jackery 1000 can do that a dual battery can't do is be carried to a remote camp for blending margaritas...
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Why are you matching your starter and house batteries?
You need a starter battery and a deep cycle battery. Only the charging profiles need match.


Another vote for the portable power station. Although mine is a different brand, I am using it for my current Alu Cabin build. I have spent weeks out with solar charging it, and it powering all my needs to include my fridge. Less room, more portable than dual battery if/when needed to move, no additional cost for inverter as it’s built into most models. I’ve had mine for two years and no problems at all. I’m sold on them.
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A dual battery setup is really only ideal as an emergency backup *starter* battery - in which case the secondary battery should be a *starter* battery, matched to the primary. If you are running accessories from the secondary you kind of lose the "emergency backup" part of the deal.

Stick with a portable setup for running accessories, for all of the reasons you mentioned. You'll probably get the best results charging the portable unit directly from the vehicle battery, but as has been mentioned, the wires will need to be large. Buy once, cry once.
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Matched only in charging parameters.
If its desired good lifespan, ’Secondary’ battery can and should be a deepcycle.
In very few instances a deepcycle wont in a pinch start a vehicle.
Either way, the portable seems best for OPs use case.

Personally, I run a secondary battery to eliminate *any* possible instances of not starting in the wild...


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I have a Bluetti EB70 (700w), I tested it with my Setpower 45qt single zone fridge with water bottles in the fridge set to 34*. After 3 days the power cube still had 20* battery life and I ended the test. Plenty of power for my 1-2 night trips.


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I started using the Dometic PLB40 almost 3 years ago, Having bought 2 of them and I found I could easily get by using only one PLB running a fridge without any Solar input and just plugging the PLB in to the Cigar socket, The PLB40 is a 40Ah / 512Wh unit and is more than up to the Task,

Having said that please Note that using a unit like the PLB in this way it only has to power the Fridge during the night if a person is traveling around also what a fridge uses during the night can be replaced with a 100 to 120w solar panel within an hour or an hour and a half of sunlight, And after that time the fridge is being powered by the sun because the PLB's power will never drop below 100%,

I have since accuired a PowerOak/Bluetti AC50s in a deal with someone which is a great little unit because it has a little 300w AC inverter built in, As of yet I have not used it,

At the beinging of the month I also bought 2 PowerOak/Bluetti EB180 which have 1800wh capacity each, These are Gross overkill for anything but Off Grid Living or when SHTF situations when the Power Grid goes down and can run a fridge for 12 to 16 days without any form of charging, These are over kill for camping and are about equal to a 230 to 300Ah deep cycle,

Comparing these Lithium packs to Deep Cycle Batteries, is totally pointless because these lithium packs charge more than 3 or 4 times faster by using your standard Cigar socket or a 100w solar panel within an hour or so. without the Need of DC to DC Chargers or Charge Controllers where One 40Ah/512Wh Lithium pack due to the speed they charge at can provide about the same amount of power as a 120 to 140Ah Deep Cycle Battery,

To replace a second AUX 100Ah some thing the size of the PLB40 is more than enough power to run a fridge during the Dark hours Because these units are so willing to except a Charge, If a person wants a little extra in reserve then the PowerOak/Bluetti EB 70 @ 716Wh will more than do the job, Any Unit of a 1000Wh upwards will give you enough power to run a small Camper or an off grid cabin,

Many folks will disagree and insist that the Old Two Battery system is best but they are very limited of what they can and can't do, Add to that the weight of the second battery and the costs of buying a DC to DC Charger plus a charge controller and all the wiring and the cost to get someone to wire it all up if that is not one of our skills ramps up the overall cost, and then there is the extra weight and space lost by such an install negates most of it's benefits, The Only Ace a duel battery system has is when it comes to running a Winch, Other than that These Lithium Packs are the way forward because they do away with all the extra weight and cost and Labour involved,

I also have Deep Cycle Batteries but they stay at home because in 7 or 8 trips away a Single PLB40 has out performed them not to mention the weight and space I have saved,

These Lithium Packs are evolving every month and every month new products are released on the market, and Any Lithium Pack of and above 40Ah/512Wh is more than enough to run a fridge and if you can afford one of the Larger units then Buy It, I have used One of my PLB40's from anything from Camping to PowerOuts and Not once have I ever run out of power.

Hope that helps.


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I've run a Jackery 1000 and 500 for fridges, they are great and because they're portable you're not limited to just running whatever is in your vehicle. Can be nice in a pinch at home if there's a power outage, if you want to power something away from your vehicle, etc.

You also don't need to run a high-gauge 12v lead to charge it. The 12v charge port on the 1000 is limited to about 165W (less than 15A), it used to be ~180W but Jackery reduced the max 12v draw last year because of concerns with the AC brick. In any event, you should be able to charge the Jackery from any decent 12v outlet as they should be rated for either 15A or 20A and the Jackery was designed to make use of those. You won't be able to run a large gauge wire to use the solar inputs to charge at a higher rate because the MPPT controller requires more than 12v.

My vote is for the portable power station, whether it's a Jackery or something else is up to you.
I run an Optima h1 yellow top in my Jeep and keep a small jump pack under the back seat. I recently acquired a Jackery 1000 that I will use for my fridge overnight. I love the flexibility of the Jackery. I looked hard at dual setups and am very happy with my current solution. I feel like I have way more power than I need. I vote Jackery or similar lithium pack.

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My fridge and accessories are ran off a completely separate system from my truck battery that is recharged via a solar panel. Recently spent 11 days in one spot and didn't have any issues maintaining my power needs, fridge ran 24/7. Battleborn 100ah batt with a Renogy charge controller and a Renogy 160 watt panel. I use this because I have it and it will last a long time but a portable system like the Jackery with solar recharge would do the same thing and as mentioned would be able to take it away from the vehicle.

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