It's a Van So Its Got To Have Stickers. Let's See Your Van's Stickers!


The only stickers on our 4x4

We had a lot of stickers on the rocket box we had on our old Syncro. I want to keep this van a bit more under the radar.

ADV-on (They're reflective too - safety first!)


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Do these count?

I got a ‘new’ tool box with patina that’s covered in stickers from the 70s... it was free at the side of the road with a bunch of other stuff... I’d have paid money for an early Craftsman tool chest. I’d have left it there thinking it couldn’t be being given away, but the ‘FREE’ sign made it clear... it was a good day :D
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Outside of the van only has one sticker but the fridge inside I felt was a perfect place for stickers! The one sticker on the outside is the "free candy" van, which is small but gets me funny looks in traffic/drive thrus :ROFLMAO:
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