Its a dream but a good dream !


Got the heater running,all be it a temp setup.

WOW ! just WOW.

Its just a little power house. At 5:45 pm I started it and ran it till 7:15. Back door was opened for part of that time ? My BAD!
From 55 deg. to 72 deg. No roof insulation (its Alum )and only 1/2 of the walls done with 1 1/2". Walls are 1/2" Glass and plywood and glass ( glass is.045 to .065 +- ). Outside temp 56 deg.

Inside (heater is mounted their ) little to no sound on low. Out side very low exhaust sound. Little to no smell. Funny the exhaust does not smell like DIESEL ? Their is something but ???
On low I can here the pump more than the the fan ? Thump-thump-thump. With a different mount I can get that down to nothing. Just used what my heater came with.

Need to do more testing but it looks like 5.3 oz. per hour. Tank is 10 Lt. (= 2.641 Gal. ) that's about 63.78 hours . ( 2.65 days at 24x7 ) We will see. My plan (until it changes ) is to use the tow kick (under the cabinets ) to pass the heat to the mid and rear part of the truck box. ?

More to do.



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Sweet! Mine is an older model, with high only, it's cranks the heat out.

I have burn about 3/4 of a gallon per day when it's under freezing outside. That's a 3500W model tho.

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Looks like I will get more time to work on the truck. Expo has been moved to July 24-26. Maybe I wont need the heater ? LOL

So I started on the cab A/C. Got a universal kit and I'm working on install it. Making a frame for it to hang from the roof. But still need to get a compressor hanger a pulley and build a roof rack for the condenser. Just !
I didn't go with the military stuff,too many $$$$. A little more work but the labor is free.



Just a update. Hope all is well with all of you and the problem.

Today I did some re-planning of my build. Its sometime good to have the time to take another look at what your doing.
Things that work and,well don't.

i will post more as I revise things. Stay safe.

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Hi B85 , I am loving the Build and looking forward to seeing it progress, I have a question or thought on the rear / tow bar / guard on your truck, Are you concerned that you might need a little more ground clearance or exit angle than what your current set up allows ? I was thinking that If you cut the left and right braces and welded a decent sleeve over it with 2 position holes to put bolt or pins through you could keep it in the down/towing/guard position but if u needed the extra clearance to get somewhere you could simply unpin/bolt and slide it forwards to the next hole (just short of your water tank) and re-secure. Looking at your photo's that would grant you a reasonable amount of extra clearance and keep it usable for the rest of the time.
Please keep up the great work I cant seem to read enough on other peoples builds at the moment :)


Thanks. For me the 22 deg's will need to work. You could cut the box but went with what I have.
But all good ideas.