Italian Option


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An Italian Unimog.

It would look fantastic and have amazing off-road long as it doesn't spontanously catch fire and/or blow up...


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stats wise, I love it.
styling wise man is it ugly.

I know sidehill depends on the body, but it looks real skinny and portals add to a higher center of gravity. I tend to prefer straight axles.

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We appreciate Italian vehicles- while in Europe, we visited Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Ducati, and MV Agusta.


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I didn't say there's anything wrong with frame flex.
After owning a unimog for a long tome, I’ve become fond of frame flex. When I first got it, I was disappointed and thought it was weak. But now realize it’s not weak as it’s sold to us that a stiff frame is stronger.