Isuzu NPS 4x4 Crew cab Build

So roof is fitted and all hatches glued and screwed with a little pressure wiring. Now to get it on the back and take it to Newcastle for the pop top skirt . D5C0C3C2-2AD3-4221-9328-E7318B0DAB67.jpeg 4F4C10AB-A193-4292-B8E9-4F134227989B.jpeg 89538BF9-1335-4046-9E4C-BA122B6F9276.jpeg 5485A100-D423-4CA2-80E4-4E0B5B16D51E.jpeg


Those are some pretty big mosquitos he is prepared for with that inner door ;)
I have similar door on my camper (maybe little taller in size). A mesh screen is attached to inner door grill. We never had issue with mozzie but midges can get through sometime. I taped that outer door vents at the bottom. It is source of dust getting in on off road tracks. I believe that vent is legal requirement when gas is installed in the camper. We don't have gas installed inside. Cold or warm weather, we are use to keep one window open while sleeping.

Would love to have those hatch doors :)
I am coming down the the Westcoast of WA and instead of taping the door lower vent as many campers and caravans were doing I fitted a piece of 12 mm foam between the inner and outer doors , found inch thick foam put too much strain on the door clips so just doubled it up across the top of the vent that with my positive pressure bilge pump and filter worked a treat